1. May 15th Participated in our first Project Roses event. We provided over 40 hygiene kits, 63 t-shirts, 40 collard shirts, 6 sweaters, 16 pair of pants, 2 women business suits, 88 pairs of underwear,300 pairs of sockes,4 bras, 8 pairs of shorts, 16 dresses, and 4 pairs of shoes to rescued victims of sex trafficking
  2. May 17th - Started the United for Freedom Committee composed of 9 sex trafficking ministries, 1 child shelter, 1 women shelter, Phoenix Police Vice Unit, and the Department of Homeland security
  3. July 18th - Opened our first international office in Ukraine
  4. Oct. 17th Opened our office in Washington DC

We do not currently operate any rehabilitation centers in America but we partner with organizations that do. Our Ukraine office is building a biblically based rehabilitation center for victims of sex trafficking.


recent programs

Our women at the well project is our new outreach project that allows us to build relationships with street prostitutes 

The three ways to combat human trafficking:

Prevention/Awareness, Rescue, and Rehabilitation

Our Approach

Protection for the weak. Hope for the lost.

Unite for Freedom International

Women at the Well

Undercover Operations


Rehabilitation Center in Ukraine

Focus on orphans

Orphans are the most targeted group by traffickers. Most of our preventative measures focus on protecting orphans and giving them a future.

mission & vision

Mission statement: "Protection for the weak.Hope for the lost." As long as children are at risk to getting trapped in a life of abuse, rape, and physiological torture we will never stop what we are doing!

our Programs




Mall Training Program

Awareness Tools

The Problem

What we do






Preventing sex trafficking before it even happens is just as important as rescuing and rehabilitating victims of it. Our main prevention strategies include a focus on orphan outreach, giving people a proper understanding of the issue, and showing the impact pornography has on the sex trade


Rescue includes gathering incriminating evidence against traffickers and the criminal organization, coordinating rescue operations, and having a team present immediately after the operation to work with girls and ensure that they are going to get proper rehabilitative services