Mobilizing the church

Our operation in Ukraine is completely indigenous. The only thing that our American office fundraises for is our workers salary and budget. Every project and program started by our Ukrainian office has to be financially supported by the local church. This protects against creating any level of dependency on international support or undermining local initiative. Because of this we do a lot of work both educating the local church on the issue and training them how to deal with the issue in their community.

What are we doing here?

Creating Awareness

Most of Ukraine is largely unaware of the issue of sex trafficking that is plaguing their country. This lack of awareness has caused a lot of unfair stigmas to be placed on prostitutes and have prevented many qualified victims from receiving the care that they so desperately need. Our awareness techniques include both church mobilization, community awareness events, and presentation to government officials.

Protecting Orphans   
Orphans run a huge risk of getting trapped in the sex trade. Unfortunately with the government shutdown of all orphanages by 2015 all orphans are going to be sent to foster care. This will only increase the level of sexual abuse that orphans experience and make it easier for traffickers to prey on them. We are doing everything in our power to create programs for foster children and transition homes for aged out kids. 


Unite in Ukraine


Unite for Freedom International

Training Social Workers
Victim identification and victim assistance all depend on properly trained social workers who know how to recognize a case of human trafficking. We provide this training to social workers.
Rehabilitation Center

Currently we are working on creating a rehabilitation center for victims of sex trafficking. This center will be both operated by Ukrainian's and funded by Ukrainian's, making it the first of it's kind in the country! Our rehabilitation center will offer biblically based care providng both a safe haven for the girls and helping them to reenter society. Our ultimate hope for this center is that the victims would come to know Jesus through our work. But the presence of our rehabilitation center will allow us to do community development work in the city. To support our Ukraine office, click here


Protection for the weak. Hope for the lost.