Great Organizations working there:



The Problem:

  • Ukraine is the world's largest exporter of women into the sex trade.
  • While Russia has a higher level of human trafficking much of it is supplied by Ukrainian women
  • Domestically there are about 250,000 prostitutes which is two and half times more than America despite the fact that Ukraine is only slightly larger than the state of Texas
  • The biggest target for sex trafficking are orphans (In Ukraine there are about 100,000 orphans and 10,000 street children)
  • 60% of orphans girls will get trapped into the sex trade
  • Only about 1-2% will ever be rescued and only about 1 out of 100,000 traffckers will be prosecuted
  • Because of the sex trade HIV/AIDS has become an epidemic in the country
  • The HIV/AIDS epidemic is the worse one that has ever occurred in Europe
  • Only one other sex trafficking ministry is there

Protection for the weak. Hope for the lost.

A21 campaign

"We exist to abolish injustice in the 21st Century through a comprehensive system of preventative measures, victim protection, prosecution of violators, and strategic partnerships.'

Unite for Freedom International

Christian Mission society

"To reach out and help orphaned and disadvantage kids in the Donetsk Oblast with Christian values, Bible-based life skills, housing, education, and evangelism."