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  • There are over 300 child sex slaves in Arizona
  • Arizona is a popular location because of it's climate. Girls can work the street at any time of the year
  • Phoenix has both the Cardinals football team, the Phoenix Sun, Phoenix Coyotes, and hosts the Fiesta Bowl every year. All these attractions make Arizona a huge target.
  • Most sex slaves are American citizens and not illegals who were brought over from Mexico.

Where can they be found

  • Hotels: Hotels are the main "hook up" spots. Hotels near airports or main entertainment events are common location for girls. Cheap price motels are also common locations.
  • Truck Stops: Girls are forced to knock on cab doors and offer their bodies to sleeping truckers.
  • Massage parlors: Massage parlors that offer "happy endings" are venues of sex trafficking.
  • Strip Club: Even certain strip clubs are possible locations. Workers who are forced to have sex with clients are caught in the sex trade. Even if the Strip Club does not force their girls to have sex with clients, it is very likely that girls are hanging around strip clubs to be picked up by clients.
  • The Street: Street prostitution is the most common manifestation of sex trafficking in America.

Daily life for a sex slave

  • normal work day is about 12 hours every day with no days off
  • A girl can be raped anywhere between 10-40 times a day
  • given no hygiene or medical care. Usually deprived of food or proper clothing. Many suffer from malnutrition and STDs
  • Forced to meet a quota for their pimp. If they fail to meet this quota they are usually tortured by the pimp. Torture has included being anally raped in front of other, burned with curling irons, tied up in a closet and left alone, being starved, etc
  • Daily life for a sex slave is one of anxiety, physical and sexually abuse, neglect, and extreme emotional trauma.


  • Slavery is outlawed in every country, yet there are more than 30 million trapped in slavery
  • Sex Trafficking is a billion dollar industry
  • 1 million new children are trapped in the sex trade every year.
  • Globally orphans are the largest targeted group for trafficking.
  • Every year 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders

Tier 3 countries: Algeria, China, Congo, Cuba, Eriteria, Iran, Libya, New Guinea, Russia, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe

Protection for the weak. Hope for the lost.


  • There are 100,000 sex slaves in America

  • 13 is the average age of a prostitute

  • Pimps can make on average $100,000 a year per child

  • Child sex slaves can serve up to 100 to 1500 clients a year

  • 450,000 children runaway every year. A third of those are lured into sex trafficking within the first 48 hours of them running away

  • More than 293,000 girls across the nation are at risk to becoming victims of sex trafficking.

  • Fewer than 1,000 of the100,000 sex will be given assistance


How does it start?

1. Kidnapping: A girl might get kidnapped on her way from a school parking lot. Kidnappers then proceed to rape the girl and may either lock her in a room and allow people to come in and rape her or force her to sell her body on the streets. 10% of sex slaves in America were kidnapped

2. Force: Does not always include kidnapping. A pimp may either force a girl to sell her body by beating her, cutting her off financially, or threatening a family member.

3. Fraud: Fake job offers. Most common ones are modeling jobs, porn, or strip clubs/massage parlors where the girl is "obligated" under contract to have sex with a client. Fake job offers may also be normal job offers such as restaurants or Itt departments. Many traffickers offer these fake job offers at malls.

4. Coercion: "Romeo Pimps" befriend girls and convince them to perform commercial sex acts to prove their love or to get them out of a financial burden. "Romeo Pimps" are commonly seen as the boyfriend, but coercion could even include a parent convincing their kid to have sex with a friend for some money.  Most Romeo pimp relationships start at the mall!

The problem

There are 30 million slaves in the world today. This is more than at any other time in history!


Pornography has greatly increase the demand for sex trafficking. No official profile can be drafted on johns because they are so diverse. They come from all walks of life: teachers, principles, store managers, pastors,etc. But they all share one thing in common: regular visits to porn sites!

  • Approximately 20% of all internet pornography involves children
  • Approximately 20 new children appear on porn sites every month
  • There is an estimate of about 100,000 child pornography sites on the web
  • 65% of the johns that go on the internet are more responsive if the ads have age descriptors like "young" or "barely legal" attached to it.

How does a girl become at-risk?

It's important to note that there is no official profile of the girls. They could be anyone: educated, uneducated, attractive, unattractive, insecure, self assured, etc. But there are certain factors that make girls more at risk to fraud or coercion


  • Extreme poverty makes girls more at-risk to being approached with a fake job offer. But even minor financial problems can make a girl at risk


  • Previous history of sexual abuse (1 in 4 girls will be sexually assault before the age 18)
  • Low- self esteem, inability to relate to others.
  • dysfunctional/abusive family
  • financial problems

Sex Trafficking:

The unlawful ownership of a person in which the victim is induced by force, fraud, or coercion to perform commercial sex acts. This could be in the form of prostitution, a brothel system, unregulated strip clubs, and child pornography. Any minor performing commercial sex acts is by law a victim of sex trafficking.