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One Life: Second Chance is a faith-based rehabilitation center for victims of sex trafficking in the foster care system. As an organization we decided that the thing that we wanted to be the best at the world in was helping victims of sex trafficking who were in the foster care system or an orphan when they were trafficked. These victims have the added challenge of having no family members who can walk with them through recovery or having a history of being abused by their family members. What these victims need so desperately in the world is a family; people who will love them and stick with them through the thick and thin. The idea of One Life: Second Chance was simple; let's create an environment where victims  can not only heal, but learn how to become a part of a community. We want to not only help them overcome the trauma of their experience but to learn how to function in a community setting.

Victims of sex trafficking suffer from severe trauma. If this trauma is never dealt with then often this results in the victim becoming re-victimized again by returning to the life. Severe trauma has such a grip on a person's life that it can prevent them from performing even the simplest of daily task such as feeding themselves. What many victims need is to be completely re-engineered; to learn how to put the past behind them, overcome destructive habits, learn life skills,  and learn how to love themselves. But often this form of rehabilitation needs a controlled environment in order to work effectively.

What's unique about our us is the level of individual care that we give to each victim. We recognized the level of energy and love that each victim needs from their caregiver, so we are careful to create an environment where that care can be given. The people that we hire for our facilities are not people who just need a "job," they're people who want to become our victims families.




Rehabilitation is one of the toughest components of combating sex trafficking. It require reprogramming the girls so that they stop seeing themselves as objects and start seeing themselves as humans. Disturbed by the lack of rehabilitative resources available for foster children who have become victims of sex trafficking we made a risky build our own rehabilitation center

Protection for the weak. Hope for the lost.

Unite for Freedom International

Victims may age out of our program, but they will never be without support from our loving staff. When they come to us they gain a family for life!

  • Trauma Recovery and counseling
  • Life skills development
  • Education
  • Living arraignments after they have aged out
  • Pet Therapy
  • Arts and Craft therapy

Coming March 2016!


When we started as an organization we never planned on having our own rehabilitation center in the states. We already knew of many great rehab centers in Arizona and didn't feel the need for a new one. But as we began to counsel trafficked foster children in their group homes we began to discover how many trafficked foster children there were. We also became aware of the shortage of rehabilitative services that were available to these victims. Through these counseling sessions we saw up close the  effect this had on the kids. Kids were kept imprisoned by the painful memories of there past and weren't able to separate themselves from that life.  Even the services we were providing were not enough as the environment that they lived in was toxic and would quickly sweep away any progress we made.

We began to feel the burden of this situation. It simply is not acceptable for so many trafficked foster kids to be robbed of services that can help them overcome the trauma of the injustice that was inflicted on them! We realized that if we wanted to make an impact that we needed to take a big risk. We had to create an environment where we could control the influences that would impact their healing. We needed to provide long term care that would ensure the longevity of our progress. We needed our own rehab center.

This were the idea of One Life: Second Chance came from. We all have one life and we cannot change the past, but we do have a second chance to change our future. Our commitment to building this rehab center is built on this foundation; any kid who has had their childhood destroyed by the sex trade deserves a second chance at life.

Our Story

Who do we take in?

What services do we provide?


  • $3,000 for the facility each month

  • $2,000 for living expenses(Food, entertainment, etc)


We want employees who will

  • Uphold the values of the organization

  • Strive to help the residents to "Thrive" in life

  • Become our residents family

Development Team

Our development team is composed of volunteers with varying skills that are instrumental in the development of our facility. Some of the skill we need for this team are:
  • Donor Specalist

  • Accountants 

  • Building Maintenance 

Our Needs

  • Foster Children who were trafficked while they were in the foster care sysetm (I.E living in a group home or with a foster family)
  • Children who are entering the foster care system because they were being trafficked by a family member 
  • Foster children who are "Highly at-risk" to being trafficked
  • Girls age 12-17 who fit the categories above