Mall Training Program

In America 90% of sex trafficking is the result of either fraud or coercion. Pimps look for girls with low-self esteem, financial/family problems, or impressionable girls that they can befriend. Pimps may then either trick them with a fake job offer or, after they have convinced the girl that he loves them, convince her to sell her body on the streets. Most of this starts in the malls. Through our mall training program we provide training to mall officials and employees on how to identify pimps/recruiters and how to respond accordingly. We then furnish the mall with informative material aimed giving additional warnings to the girls. In Arizona we supplement this training by partnering with Red Light Rebellion and providing awareness training in the schools on this particular danger.

Protection for the weak. Hope for the lost.

Unite for Freedom International

Awareness curriculum


Our awareness curriculum has several unique features to it:(1) It's designed to mobilize the local church for action,(2) it can be used in any church in any culture, (3) and it has a focus on orphans and exposing the dangers of pornography. Our awareness curriculum is our method of mobilizing the global church to deal with the global slave trade.