The families in our network

  • Receive training prior to receiving any kids on how to live with victims of sexual abuse or sex trafficking. Through our biblically based curriculum we teach families in our network on the effects that abuse has on children, the impact it has on the psyche and behavior, and how to modify these things.
  • Receive free martial counseling: Helping abused children can impact a families a marriage. They aren't in this alone, we get them connected to a marriage counselor for free. A strong marriage is the best thing for these victim children
  • Receive mentorship and counseling for their biological kids: Their own children may have questions or may be impacted by the behavior of the victim child. We have a mentor provided for them as well.
  • Are visited almost daily by our workers. We do our counseling sessions at their house, and communicate with the care-givers on the content of the counseling session so that they can continue the progress we are making with the children when we leave.

What are we Doing about it

Giving them a loving family

We are taking at-risk or victim children of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking(DMST) and putting them in loving Christian families where we can provide them counseling and mentoring. Through partnerships with social worker and the development of a network of Christian families we give them the best environment for counseling and discipleship for the Kingdom of God: a loving family that they can rely on even after the foster care system.

Training social Workers

We organize and facilitate training efforts for social workers all throughout the state. We train them on how to identify at-risk or victim children of DMST and train them on how to talk to at-risk children about the tricks and ploys that traffickers use to recruit them into the life

Advocate for adoption to the church

One of our operational principles as an organization is our belief that "the local church is the hope of the world." Our goal as an organization is to help the local church gain influence in the community by being seen  tackling the issue of human trafficking.  This new department is going to further that mission by helping the church tackle the issue of foster kids. This new department  will advocate adoption of foster children to the local church.

Remembering the 70%

Our new department is focused on protecting and rehabilitating the children who make up a majority of the sex trafficking cases in Arizona: foster children.

Across the nation 60% of all victims of sex trafficking came from the foster care system, while that number is 70% in the state of Arizona

Why is this?

In general, foster children are more at-risk than other children

  • They all come from dysfunctional families
  • Many of them experience dysfunction and abuse while in the foster care system
  • Having no true parents makes them desperate for love(huge targets for Romeo Pimps)
  • Many of them have no financial base or direction for their life beyond the foster care system. That makes them desperate for any sort of future that could provide financial security.
  • Many of them run away while in foster care, which leaves them looking for some form of sanctuary
  • No one notices them or goes looking for them when they go missing

Protection for the weak. Hope for the lost.

Unite for Freedom International

The WiN

The win for this department is to change victims of sex trafficking within the foster care's system story by giving them a loving family. The goal of our counseling sessions is to help them overcome the trauma of their experience and help them to feel connected to a family. If the children we work with come to know and love Christ and leave the foster care system with a sense of belonging to a family, that's a victory for this department

Interested in helping out with this department? Let us know by filling out the contact form on the Make a difference tab