When we create a strategy for your church there are different task we might give your church. Our strategy is based off of the greatest needs that exist in your community.(Please note: we provide free training whatever assignment we give you)

1.Train hotel employees on how to identify victims who are being trafficked in their hotels

2. Train Mall employees on how to identify traffickers who are trying to pick up girls in their malls

3. Adopt a group home. This does not mean actual adoption, but rather your church is committing to taking care of the at-risk and trafficked girls in a particular group home. This activity includes doing sex trafficking awareness talks with the children in the group home, helping at-risk girls work through their vulnerabilities to traffickers, counseling them, teaching life skills, and doing fun activities with them. This activity is the most hands on one with the girls.

4.Train social workers or law enforcement on human trafficking

5. Do community awareness events on human trafficking

6.Deal with international trafficking on a mission trip.

Your partnership with organization might mean that you:

1. Help bring awareness of sex trafficking to your local schools( Done by Red Light Rebellion)

2.Help close down a local brothel (Done by Unite for Freedom International)

3.Make repairs for Moma's House and many more things.

What Might Your Church Do?

Please note that only pastors, elders, or members of the leadership team can sign their church up to become a part of our network. Once we receive your information we will contact you to either schedule a meeting or discuss what comes next

Unite for Freedom International

At our core we believe that the local church is the

hope of the world. Our goal as an organization is to help the local church to gain influence in the world by tackling human trafficking in their community.

The Unite for Freedom Church Network is simply our way of training, equipping, and partnering with churches to end human trafficking in the community. 

When a church becomes a part of our network a couple of things happen. (1) They are trained on identifying and responding to at-risk or trafficked children, identifying abusers or traffickers, and trained on helping victims of human trafficking to recover from their experience.(2) We do a run-down on their community and evaluate potential trafficker pick up spots, trafficking hot spots, potential brothels, etc. We then create a strategy for how the church can go about tackling these issues in their community. All our strategies are tangible and measurable, and revolve around strategic partnership with organizations. Strategies include what the church can do to directly address these issues as well as how they can partner with organizations to accomplish what they cannot. (Like undercover operations in suspected brothels)


Unite for Freedom Church Network

Protection for the weak. Hope for the lost.

There are a couple of things that churches must commit to in order to become a part of this network. These are things that we believe are indispensable in the fight against sex trafficking.

  1. 1. Prayer: "The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his field." When Jesus talked about the great need that exists in our world his command was not to act immediately but rather to pray. Every church that is a part of our network must commit to praying strategically against the sex trade. Whether that is during Sunday service or mid-week meeting or is it's own separate event every church must pray once a month. This cannot be fulfilled solely by the pastoral staff but must also include members of the congregation. A guide for how to pray strategically against the sex trade can be found under our prayer tab
  2. 2. Give: Churches a part of our network are also expected to give on a regular basis to an anti-human trafficking organization. Unlike prayer however there is no monthly requirement for this nor is it required that the donation go to us. In fact it is greatly encouraged that churches also give to our partner organization Red Light Rebellion and Moma's House, but giving to any anti-trafficking organization fulfills this requirement. But when it comes to a church fulfilling the strategy we create for it part of that will require them to raise funds to help an organization to accomplish their goal in the community.
  3. 3.Get involved: We never want people to give their money and stay away. We want churches who give to follow the money and see what it accomplishes. Every church a part of this network will be given a strategy and steps on what they need to do to end human trafficking in their community. All their efforts will be assisted by a non-profit organization  that they are also supporting financially. So as you give, you will be given an opportunity to get involved with the organization you are helping or will be assisted by that organization to accomplish your own project

How Does It Work?