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Arizona Remembers its foster kids

Help us to get legislation passed that would protect foster children all across the state of Arizona from becoming victims of sex trafficking. Sign our petition below to get the "Arizona Remembers Its Foster Children act" passed. 

Protection for the weak. Hope for the lost.

What will this law do?

  • Greatly increase Arizona's capacity to help victims of sex trafficking in the state. It does this by targeting the group that most often gets entrapped: Foster children. In Arizona 70% of victims come from foster care
  • Help Arizona to rehabilitate more victims by getting social workers and law enforcement to register victims that they find who are a part of the foster care victims as "victims of sex trafficking who are eligible for rehabilitative services." This law banks off the definition of a victim of sex trafficking that was established by the Federal law "Trafficking Victims Reauthorization Act" and Arizona State law H.B 2454
  •  Mandates social workers to receive yearly training on the issue of human trafficking: Who is at risk to becoming a victim, how to identify it, and how to help victims
  • Mandates social workers to register children within the foster care system who have a previous history of sexual abuse or have ran away from care-givers as "children at-risk to becoming victims of DMST."
  • Mandates social workers to educate victims of DMST within the foster care system on their rights as a victim and educate "at-risk children" on the risk of them getting trapped in the sex trade.
  • Prioritizes finding run away children in a timely manner
  • Implements that Federal standards of "good parenting" at the state level. These standrads are established by the secretary of health in concordance with H.B. 4098.